Vibrant Color Photographs of Youth by Lindsey Lee

We all know here in the community that film is not dead and that it continues to gain popularity among the younger demographic. Just take Lindsey Lee and her amazing film photographs. See more of Lindsey’s works after the cut.

Photo by Lindsey Lee

Youthful, fresh and full of energy – these are some of the things that come into mind when you first look at the photographs of 22-year-old *Lindsey Lee*. The young firecracker of a photographer has shot for different publications and might I add, they’re on the vibrant and fashion-y side.

Photos by Lindsey Lee

Lindsey Lee is an Austin, Texas native who has dabbled into fashion photography using film cameras. Creative and open to experiments, Lindsey crafts amazing looking photographs that put a fresh spin on film photography. It’s like seeing a collision of old-school film photography and youth culture that results in some creatively colorful pieces.

Photos by Lindsey Lee

Lindsey Lee’s vibrant photos have found their way to magazine spreads and different publications. With sudden bursts of color and boasting tinges of electric youth, who wouldn’t want to pick up a film camera if the photos you can produce looked this fun?

You can see more photos from Lindsey Lee on her Flickr photostream, Tumblr and website.

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from Lindsey Lee’s website, Flickr photostream and Shooting Film.

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