Michael Wolf’s ‘The Real Toy Story’


Michael Wolf’s “The Real Toy Story” offers us a rare glimpse of what goes on inside toy factories in China.

Photos by Michael Wolf

The Real Toy Story is an installation by Hong Kong-based German artist and photographer *Michael Wolf*. It is composed of up to 20,000 pieces of different plastic toys that were made in China but which Wolf personally sourced from flea markets and thrift stores while on a trip to California back in 2004, along with a number of portraits that he took of the workers in five different toy factories located in Mainland China. It is said that about 75% of the toys in the world are manufactured there.

Photos by Michael Wolf

Aside from photos of the workers posing with various toy parts and other shots inside the factories, The Real Toy Story also contains a few more intimate ones like the ones below. It can be said that this series is not only informative but is also a sobering look on one thing that we usually overlook or even fail to think about at all.

Photos by Michael Wolf

All information in this article were sourced from Feature Shoot, My Modern Met, Imgur, and Robert Kock Gallery. For a more extensive look on this series, visit Wolf’s online portfolio here.

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