Snippets and Vignettes: Stainless by Adam Magyar

Mixing vision and high-tech equipment, photographer Adam Magyar captures these stills of people waiting to catch the next train. A simple glance at the frozen people in transit can be the start of a short story but wait until you watch the motion picture.

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It may look trivial at first but Germany-based photographer *Adam Magyar*’s series “Stainless” actually has something more to it than just snippets of people waiting at the subway. Shot at different subway systems around Berlin, New York and Tokyo to name a few; Stainless offers a view of the transient life within these city transportation systems.

Using a high-speed camera to produce the film, Magyar captures the still reactions of people who seem to be wired to go with the flow of the urban scene. I ride the train everyday to work and this is just spot-on. The blank reaction on the people’s faces point out to distant thoughts while they are crammed into a moving and breathing scene of everyday life.

Magyar aptly puts the context of his project this way:

Subway networks are the arteries of a city with people flowing by in them, getting ready to release their energy in bringing their city to life. Though these temporary groups of passengers brought together by chance into the same carriage, I wonder at our transiency, see people immersed in their thoughts, but avoiding to reveal anything about themselves, remaining stainless to the curious eye. The subways seem just as stainless as their passengers.

To see more of Adam Magyar’s “Stainless” series, click here. He also has different stills from quite interesting perspectives. They can also be found on his website.

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from Adam Magyar’s site, PetaPixel, This is Colossal and The Fox is Black.

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