Stark Black and White Animal Portraits by Britta Jaschinski

Photographers have different reasons why they pursue subjects or stories. For London-based photographer Britta Jaschinski, the welfare of animals inside their trapped habitats is a worthwhile story to tell.

Britta Jaschinski’s photographs of captive animals in the zoo are far from the dolled-up and glossy images that we get to see on zoo brochures. The London-based photographer used black and white film to capture these sublime animal portraits and give them a dramatic feel.

Photos by Britta Jaschinski

Each animal portrait is like imagining the comparison of animals in the wild and those who live in captivity. Blurred, out of focus and grainy – Jaschinski captures the essence of each animal and the environment they live in.

Photos by Britta Jaschinski

The photos in her book ”Zoo” show what animals that live in captivity have to live with every day. The cramped cells and stark cement pens among others are what they call home. Jaschinski’s black and white portraits are evocative as they are simple. The melancholy look in her photographs may not be a coincidence after all.

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from Britta Jaschinski’s site and Lens Culture.

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