Today in History (1944): French Singer and Actor Françoise Hardy is Born


Say hello and happy birthday to one of the world’s foremost figures in music and fashion, Françoise Hardy. Mick Jagger said that she was her “ideal woman” and Bob Dylan dedicated a poem to her in one of his albums.

Françoise Hardy will forever be that quintessentially beautiful singer who captivated the hearts of listeners in France and all over the world during the 60s and 70s.

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Françoise Madeleine Hardy was born on January 17, 1944 in Paris, France and was a product of a complex family situation. Her parents lived apart when she was young and her mother worked different jobs to put food on the table. Hardy’s first guitar – a gift from her father paved the way for her musical inclinations during her early years. Hardy taught herself to play different chords and started writing songs at a rate of one per day.

Hardy had her first brush with fame when she was picked to participate in a recording for Vogue’s music label in 1961. With her unique voice and impeccable style, Hardy would soon conquer the airwaves with hits such as ‘Oh, oh Chéri’, ‘Tous Les Garçons et Les Filles’ and ‘All Over the World.’

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For many, Hardy was a fashion and style icon. Hardy’s nonchalance in dressing up is something that celebrities still emulate today. Sporting her signature long and dark hair with a low fringe that was synonymous to the name “Hardy” than anything else, Françoise Hardy made thousands swoon; women included.

Hardy and husband Jacques Dutronc, with Mick Jagger and Dutronc, Hardy with Bob Dylan Images via Listal and The Artist's Vault

Although she rose to stardom and rubbed elbows with the most famous celebrities of her time, Hardy was never one to bask in the glory of her popularity. Her shyness and elusiveness of the limelight added mystique to the image that was Françoise Hardy – the shy-girl-next-door singer, superstar and icon.

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Françoise Hardy was the ultimate opposite of the typical female superstar. Hardy was reserved, shy and composed. She still has an air of laid-back elegance about her to this day, even though she has long traded that signature long hair for a white short crop and stardom for quiet living.

Passe une merveilleuse journée, Françoise Hardy!

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