Then and Now: Iconic Photographs and Scenes Recreated Using Star Wars Figures

Star Wars and photography collide in this sci-fi take on iconic photographs by Canadian photographer Dave Eger! See the cool results of this tandem after the jump!

Iconic photographs have had their fair share of imitations now and then. From LEGO recreations to Simpsons-inspired parodies but Canadian photographer David Eger infuses his own mix of Star Wars fandom into the equation.

Photo by Dave Eger

Eger’s 365 Days of Clones project features the well-loved sci-fi instalment and their signature characters in his photographs that recreate some of history’s most famous (and infamous!) photographs. Iconic images such as the Abbey Road cover shot, Robert Capa’s Falling Soldier and the pop art of Andy Warhol lend their artistic and historic value to the project.

Photos by Dave Eger

Not only did Eger recreate the iconic photos but he did so with deft attention to detail. The Iwo Jima photograph recreation shows Storm Troopers planting their own flag with the same cloudy and smoky background. Alfred Eisenstaedt’s iconic “The Kiss” is complete with the merrymaking crowd while Charles Ebbet would have been proud if he was a Star Wars fanatic with the recreation of the “Lunch Atop a Skyscraper” photograph. The dizzying heights and monochrome look of Ebbet’s photograph are just captured by Eger perfectly.

You can find Eger’s complete collection on his Flickr photostream. Just be prepared to swoon at his galactic recreations.

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from Design Taxi and Dave Eger's site and Flickr photostream.

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