Sophia Loren Attempts a Trick Shot While Playing Pool as Three Competitors Wait Their Turn

Glamorous Italian actress Sophia Loren proves she’s game for anything by taking on a friendly game of pool with the boys!

Photo via Vintage Everyday

Sophia’s demonstration of the fancy-looking behind the back pool trick shot sure left these boys impressed in this photo taken on December 22, 1945 in Livorno, Italy. It’s currently part of Corbis Images’ Bettman Collection, with the original caption being:

Italian actress Sophia Loren was the guest of honor recently at the opening of a new club for American soldiers in Leghorn. Because of her big success in Aida Miss Loren has been asked to go to Hollywood and plans to do it next year. “Before I go,” the actress said, “I would like to meet some American men.” The Army at Leghorn heard about her desire and quickly extended the invitation to be their guest at the club opening. These photographs show Miss Loren during her visit with the GIs. Miss Loren joins the GIs in billiards.

All information in this article were sourced from Corbis Images.

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