Otherworldy Experimental Monochrome Photographs by Susan Burnstine


Experimenting with different cameras can be tricky especially since you can’t always just rely on the technical aspects of every camera. Fine art photographer Susan Burnstine breaks whatever rule there is with her sublime experimental photography.

Photo by Susan Burnstine

Sunny 16, rule of thirds, light metering and etcetera don’t mean anything when it comes to shooting with experimental cameras that you’ve created out of spare parts. That’s the case with photographer Susan Burnstine and her photos that explore different ideas and techniques to create masterful photographs.

Photos by Susan Burnstine

It’s nice to see that artists are using film photography in their craft, more especially lo-fi cameras that lend effects that are otherwise deemed unappealing when it comes to sharpness and overall detail. Burnstine shoots ethereal scenes that look like segments from a black and white dream using some of her own camera creations.

Photos by Susan Burnstine

Bursnstine is also a commercial photographer but her different series dabbles mainly on the surreal. Her black and white photographs are often blurred and smeared. One would think that they are just mere accidents but closer inspection shows that they are carefully manipulated effects that are done in-camera. Burnstine avoids the modern post-production techniques and keeps true to using her handmade cameras to create these captivating works on film.

Susan Burnstine is a Chicago native and is currently a photographer based in Los Angeles. Her works have been displayed in different galleries all over the world. You can see more of her works on her website here.

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from Susan Burnstine's site.

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  1. lomodesbro
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    a unique vision and brilliant creative photographer

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    @lomodesbro I was just thinking the same thing!

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    Great =)

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    wow! thanks for sharing. i especially like the shot of the woman in the car. brilliant.

  5. cheeo
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    @rooftophoto indeed!

    @bloomchen it was an honor to write about Susan Burnstine's photography! I like that shot, too. Simple but evocative!

  6. rooftophoto
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    cool stuff =)

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    nice set

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