Double Exposure Portraits by Dato Koridze

In this artist feature, the spotlight’s on Georgian photographer Dato Koridze and his lovely work on portraiture.

Photo by Dato Koridze

*Dato Koridze*, who also identifies with the moniker Photomaker D.K., hails from Tbilisi, Georgia. It might come as a surprise that he actually was a student of theology and a host of a daily musical radio show, but Dato claims himself to be an art lover who’s only started dabbling with photography about four years ago. His first brush with photography was shooting using a camera that he borrowed from a friend. Part of his bio on _2photo.ru_ states, “He, then, instantly knew he could do it, and do it with passion.”

Dato’s body of work is comprised mostly of portraits. He draws inspiration from people, particularly his grandmother, as well as “emotions, feeling[s], and beauty as he sees it in each person.” With every portrait Dato attempts to showcase “his point of view, his own emotion, and the story behind each face.”

Below is a selection of double exposure portraits taken by Dato:

Photos by Dato Koridze

All information in this article were sourced from Dato Koridze’s photographs may also be found on Flickr.

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