Backstage Polaroids From the Golden Globes

Who says Hollywood is all digital? Photographer Lucas Michael was backstage in last night's Golden Globes Awards, and he took these analogue portraits of the beautiful celebrities. Take a look!

Photo by Lucas Michael

When you’re given an all access pass to shoot Hollywood’s key players and celebrities, you’d likely go the digital route, as to make sure to get all the angles and all the shots. Not photographer Lucas Michael though, as he proudly brandishes a Polaroid Big Shot camera to capture portraits of the stars. He got the pleasure of snapping away at the Golden Globes winners and presenters as they left the stage at the Beverly Hills Hilton. Talk about an analogue dream come true!

See the whole set of 37 photos over at Vulture#.

Photos by Lucas Michael

Information for this article was sourced from Vulture

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