Adorable Photo Series ‘The Bonnie Days’


Many find taking photos of little children one of the most challenging tasks a photographer can do, yet if successfully pulled off, it’s one of the most rewarding and endearing. Case in point: this photo series by a Stockholm, Sweden-based photographer and mother Linda Skoog Törncrantz!

Photo by Linda via The Bonnie Days on Blogspot

One thing great about having creative parents is that you get really awesome childhood photographs. _The Bonnie Days_ was initially a birthday gift from Linda to her husband, with the first photos taken when she’s on maternity leave and baby Bonnie was only five weeks old (she’s now a year old). On her blog she wrote that this was inspired by the equally-adorable photo series _Mila’s Daydreams_ by Adele Enersen, where she took photos of her baby Mila as she sleeps.

Photos by Linda via The Bonnie Days on Blogspot

Using only props she made herself or on hand in their home, Linda creates imaginary worlds starring Bonnie. In an article she posted on _Lost at E Minor_, Linda revealed that she never altered anything in the shots using Photoshop. Describing the process to be “quite simple,” she elaborated, “I set up the scenario, and when Bonnie is in a good mood, I [get] her ready. I’d then show her the ‘landscape’ and tell her about all the things in it. Then I put her in the middle of it, climb up the ladder with my camera, and wait for the right moment.”

Photos by Linda via The Bonnie Days on Blogspot

The Bonnie Days is an ongoing project, one that Linda swore to do “as long as she [Bonnie] wants to be part of it.”

All information in this article were sourced from The Bonnie Days on Facebook, Blogspot, and Lost at E Minor. Linda also runs her own website, which you may visit here.

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    These are truly cute! Any parent would love them.

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