Ringo Starr Looking Funny with Glass Eyeballs ‘Popping Out’ of His Eye Sockets

Surely anyone would contort their faces in pain like this if, for some reason, their eyeballs were to pop out of its sockets – fortunately, these over Ringo Starr’s eyes were merely fake ones!

Photo via This is Not Porn

This hilarious behind-the-scenes photo was taken in March 1964 on the set of the comedy film, “A Hard Day’s Night”, which starred all four members of The Beatles as themselves. Showcasing a few days in the lives of the group members, the movie is generally regarded as one of the “best” and “most influential” musical films ever made.

Anyway, we’ll leave you with this short video clip from the movie featuring Ringo Starr!

Video via YouTube

All information in this article were sourced from Art.co.uk and A Hard Days Night (film) on Wikipedia.

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