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Packing the powerful Industrar 61L/D 53mm f/2.8 lens, the FED 5B rangefinder is no slouch in making great images. With its fully manual controls and battery free operation, this camera makes sure that you're able to get the shot, regardless of lighting conditions. While it may look intimidating, it's quite to easy to get the hang of, as noted by users in this week's Reviews on Rewind!

Fed 5B - My First Russian Rangefinder by muhamad_haiz_shamsudin

Being a manual camera, you will learn a lot about photography and not just simply taking snapshots with the Fed5. Overall, the camera is solidly built, it has nice features and produces quite interesting results and effects. It’s a great purchase.

Finding the Range with the FED 5B by cruzron

What I really like about the camera is the opportunity for learning it offers. You can practically try out all of the analogue photography techniques you can think of, from the Sunny 16 rule, depth of field practice, to hyperfocal focusing. It’s a camera that rewards you for the amount of time and work you put into your shots. Is it a no-no for newbies to try it out? Only if they are impatient and unwilling to learn. Otherwise, it’s a very capable camera that takes very capable pictures as long as it’s in very capable hands.

Fed 5 and the Decisive Moment by sirio174

This camera is fast, excellent for capturing the “decisive moment,” especially in sports like bicycle competitions. The lack of the mirror is very important because the time interval between you push the fire button and the time at which the shutter opens is very little. When you use a reflex camera, you have a little extra delay needed to lift the mirror.

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    L/D lenses seem to be slightly radioactive in some cases because of Lanthanum, the element used for coating. Search on the web.

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