Quirky Photo Embroidery by Lindsay Bottos

Here’s how you mix two passions together. Artist Lindsay Bottos incorporates memories on film into embroidery art. Check out her works after the jump.

Image via Lindsay Bottos

Collaborations are a fun project to do especially when it comes to creating art. You get to see two artists combine their collective genius into an artwork and see their process. Well for artist Lindsay Bottos, her embroidery art is like a mash-up of two of her hobbies: photography and stitching.

The series I Don’t Really Miss You by Bottos mix film photography and embroidery into one nifty package. Using different colored threads to sew stark sentences that range from “I don’t know how I feel about you now” to “I wish we could try again,” Bottos created series of memories from her past and used them as artistic fuel.

Images via Lindsay Bottos

Simple but evocative, Bottos’ series is included as a permanent collection at the Alchemy of Art Gallery in Baltimore, Maryland. You can take cues from Bottos and maybe try these threaded photo albums yourself to get that cool DIY cross-stitch effect with your favorite Lomographs.

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from Empty Kingdom and Lindsay Bottos

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