Aimee Beaubien Creates Colorful, Whimsical Collages Out of Cut-Out Photos


Chicago-based artist and photographer Aimee Beaubien does what most photographers probably wouldn’t even think of in creating one-of-a-kind artwork!

Photo via Aimee Beaubien via Feature Shoot

To create these intricate-looking collages, Beaubien starts by taking her own photographs. She then cuts them into various patterns, and joins the pieces through pasting and taping. She basically “draws with scissors,” and has described collage as “destruction and construction, a simultaneous collapsing of time, space, and place.” A number of different collages can be found on Beaubien’s online portfolio, classified under groups here, found, and found, only part, out there, and off side. Aside from her website, these collages can also be found in her book “found & found”.

Photos via Aimee Beaubien via Feature Shoot

While most of us wouldn’t even dare let a pair of scissors near one of our beloved photographs, you’d have to agree that Beaubien’s idea is interesting, one that could perhaps help spark an idea for your next art project!

All information in this article were sourced from Aimee Beaubien’s online portfolio via Feature Shoot. Meanwhile, you may read her artist statement here.

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    great, love her work!

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