Intimate, Poignant Black and White Photographs Document a Couple’s Battle with Cancer

Through a series of touching images, photographer Nancy Borowick showcases not only her parents’ fight against the Big C but most importantly the love and affection between the two of them.

Photo by Nancy Borowick via Huffington Post

New York-based Borowick’s parents were both diagnosed with Stage IV cancer, and so she lovingly documents and generously shares the series _Cancer Family, Ongoing_ to outsiders what usually are intimate moments of cancer patients and those close to them – a move that perhaps can be viewed as her tribute to two of the most important people in her life.

Photos by Nancy Borowick via Huffington Post

The series contain portraits that depict the couple in both happy and heartbreaking moments, as well as other pertinent photographs that document certain details. Although different from one another, all are striking.

Photos by Nancy Borowick via Huffington Post

Borowick’s mother has been battling cancer for close to 20 years now, while his father was diagnosed just in 2012. Unfortunately, Borowick’s father was said to have already passed away just last December, incidentally on the day when his own mother died also from cancer. It was then exactly a year and one day after he himself was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

All information in this article were sourced from Feature Shoot. You may view the entire “Cancer Family” series on Nancy Borowick’s website here.

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