Forecast: Future Cities on Double Exposure Photographs by Hans Malm

Travelling is an adventure. Merely going hundreds of miles away from home just to experience new things is already a feat, much more if you add photography into the mix. Photographer Hans Malm combined different travel experiences in his double exposure photographs.

It’s difficult enough to bring home travel photos that are worthy to hang on your wall, much more do it on film. Photographer Hans Malm ups the ante and gets double the rewards with his double exposure travel photographs.

Malm travelled to different cities like Tokyo, Los Angeles, Mexico, Stockholm and Amsterdam to capture these street shots on black and white film. He then rewound the film and shot the roll again in a different city. Titled Forecast, Malm’s series takes a look on how the world would look like in the future as seen through the lens.

Photos by Hans Malm

“The continents of our planet are in constant motion. Geologists predict that within 250 million years virtually all landmass will have merged into one single supercontinent.”

Skilfully sewn together in a collage of city snaps and contrasting images, Forecast is like a case study for double exposure photography. Each snap depicts a certain scene from a city that is colliding with street life from another. Although hundreds or even thousands of miles away, Forecast is a collision of life in different parts of the world as seen from carefully crafted photographs.

Liked what you saw? Head over to Hans Malm’s website to see the complete set of his photographic works. All information and photos used in this article were sourced from Hans Malm and Lens Culture.

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