Wet Plate Photography: The Mask Series


Still ogling over the awesomeness that is wet plate photography? It's time for you to dive in by starting off and joining the Mask Series!

What is the Wet Plate Mask Series? It is a collaboration of wet plate photographers all over the globe who are trying to raise awareness regarding their craft. The project is simple: incorporate a vintage Czech M10 gas mask in a wet plate photo.

If you’re interested in joining, you don’t need to scour flea markets for a mask – they’ll loan you one for free. There’s a catch though: you must shoot a wet plate collodion using the mask and after you’re done, send it back together with the image, so that another budding wet plate photographer can use it.

Have a look at the other photographers who’ve already shot and completed the challenge.

Photograph by Shane Balkowitsch, USA
Photograph by Alexey Savchenko, Russia
Photograph by Bill Vaughn, United States
Photograph by Franklin Annink, The Netherlands
Photograph by Brian Cyler, USA

So fellow Lomographers, who’s going to take the challenge?

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