PYHOF: Twin Forks

Get your cowboy boots, ten gallon hats, western shirts and throw in a fiddle if you can. Let’s kick this week’s playlist with the country tunes brought to us by Twin Forks.

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A quick listen to the tracks from Twin Forks' new EP and you may not recognize the lead vocals that lend a familiar high-pitched wail. Hidden under the country twang of the guitar and the banging of the drums and cymbals is the indie voice that made girls swoon and guys lament over heartaches – Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional.

Going into the thick of the EP, you can really trace the folk-country rock influences of the band. Images of the old dusty west litter your mind as you listen on the full 5-track EP. The mix of high-tempo music and the Americana imagery are joined topped off by the youthful energy of the band.

Credits: kdstevens

“Hard Times” is an easy new favorite for me. Who wouldn’t like that song with the sweet soft tones and poetic musings to match?

Said it’s a mean old world
Heavy and need
That big machine is just a picking up speed
They were sipping on tears
They were sipping on wine
We all get to Heaven in our own sweet time

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