Today in History (1967): Singer and Songwriter Dave Matthews is Born

One of the most admired voices in the music industry during the early 90s celebrates his 47th birthday today. Send your warm birthday greetings to Dave Matthews!

Wielding his acoustic guitar and lyrics that seem to speak to generations past and present, singer-songwriter Dave Matthews continues to create great music along with his long-time band members.

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Being one of the founding members of the Dave Matthews Band, he is considered to be one of the main moving forces behind the band’s success and popularity during the 90s. The Virginia transplant was born on January 9, 1967 at Johannesburg, South Africa to parents John and Valerie Matthews. Matthews moved to New York in 1986 to avoid conscription into the South African military army.

The self-taught musician worked as a bartender at a jazz club named Miller’s and that’s where he dreamed of forming his own band. As fate would have it, Matthews found the band mates he was looking for in saxophonist Leeroi Moore and drummer Carter Beauford. He soon enlisted the talent of local prodigy Stefan Lessard on bass and Boyd Tinsley on violin. The group became a local hit and started to gain a devoted following and was known as the Dave Matthews Band.

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Matthews was an amateur actor before he became a full time musician when the Dave Matthews Band formed in 1991. The South African was theatre performer who appeared on several productions in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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The Dave Matthews Band became one of the most influential rock bands in the early 90s due to their diverse sound, musicality and lyrical impact of their songs. One of the band’s earlier anthems were “Crush,” “Too Much” and “Crash into Me”. Also, the band’s most recent album, “Away from the World” debuted at the top spot of the Billboard chart in 2012, making them the only group to have 6 consecutive studio albums to hit the top spot. Their easy-to-follow songs full of pop hints and spot-on lyrics make them one of the most successful musical acts today.

To cap this birthday greeting off, here are some of the band’s greatest hits that have made millions of listeners swoon, cry, reminisce or just plain sing along with the music.

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Happy birthday, Dave Matthews!

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