Fluid Self-Portraits on Film by Laurence Demaison

Motion is something that is very difficult to show in a still photograph. Artist Laurence Demaison masterfully creates fluid motion on film using technique and vision.

Image by Laurence Demaison

Even at times of highly sensitive sensors on the latest DLSRs, it’s still hard to artfully portray motion in one frame. It’s elusive and delicate; one late click of the shutter and the action is gone. It’s fleeting and unpredictable and that’s why it’s all the more beautiful once captured.

Laurence Demaison’s works show different kinds of passing moments that are frozen in time. From blurry motions of hands and feet to self-portraits on bubbles that have formed on the surface of still water – Demaison captures them all on film and does it beautifully.

Images by Laurence Demaison

How exactly Demaison does it, we really don’t know. We can’t even imagine how the artistic process looks like. We just know that Demaison’s works stand out with keen attention to detail and vision. Everything seems to come into play when it comes to her fluid and artful creations.

Images by Laurence Demaison

“Her technical virtuosity leads us to art that revels in the extremes of visual perception. Demaison’s photographs remind me of the distortions of Kertesz, the inventive playfulness of Man Ray and Moholy-Nagy, and the multiple perspectives of the Cubists — but her work is clearly her own.”
- Jim Casper from Lens Culture

All information used in this article were sourced from Lens Culture and Laurence Demaison’s website.

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