Vanishing Spirits by Ernie Button

What happens when you drink the last drop of whiskey? Somebody gets piss drunk is probably the right answer, but photographer Ernie Button shows us what happens after the jump!

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After drinking a shot (or bottle) of scotch, photographing anything is probably not anywhere near your mind but Phoenix-based photographer Ernie Button explores this surprisingly colorful terrain. His project, aptly named Vanishing Spirits, he creates macro photographs of the remnants of different whiskeys, each giving off unique and interestingly abstract images. Asked about the inspiration for the project, Button elaborates:

The idea for this project occurred while putting a used Scotch glass into the dishwasher. I noted a film on the bottom of a glass and when I inspected closer, I noted these fine, lacy lines filling the bottom. What I found through some experimentation is that these patterns and images that you see can be created with the small amount of Single-Malt Scotch left in a glass after most of it has been consumed. The alcohol dries and leaves the sediment in various patterns. It’s a little like snowflakes in that every time the Scotch dries, the glass yields different patterns and results. I have used different color lights to add ‘life’ to the bottom of the glass, creating the illusion of landscape, terrestrial or extraterrestrial.

Why don’t we all meet at the bar, have a few drinks, and try this out for ourselves? You know, for science!

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