Then and Now: Classic Artworks Get the Feline Touch in Svetlana Petrova's Masterrpieces Series

Classic paintings and masterpieces of the old masters are not for everyone but they’ll surely fit our Internet-ready age now that cats are in the picture!

Image via Fat Cat Art

Move over Boticelli, da Vinci and other great masters, Zarathustra the cat is here to claim the spotlight. Well, that’s what looks like it in Svetlana Petrova’s Masterrpieces
series! The funny-looking cat just looks at home in these fine works of art!

The artist lovingly put her chubby and cuddly feline friend into some of the greatest pieces of art the world has ever seen. Petrova seamlessly introduces Zarathustra into each masterpiece in a fun poke at the classic works of art.

Images via Fat Cat Art

When you enter Petrova’s site, you’ll see funny links to the Masterrpieces as you enter the “Mewseum.” Not only does the artist create a light atmosphere for the classic art pieces but also show that art changes to adapt to audiences. These purr-fect works of art are a great shout out to our feline friends. Excuse us, pun intended. We can’t help it.

You can find a lot more funny furry adaptations of the classic paintings at Svetlana Petrova’s site.

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from Fat Cat Art.

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