Make Precious Moments and Give Them a Purple Treatment with the LomoChrome Purple!


We have a soft spot for wonderfully colorful photos from the community. More so if we see them have that special hint of purple by no other than the LomoChrome Purple film!

Credits: velocity89

We want to remember precious moments that’s why we do extra special things to celebrate them. Give a special someone flowers on their special day, open that expensive bottle of Scotch for an anniversary or just simply enjoy the moment with good friends and family. We have different ways to celebrate special times.

Credits: wondersattva, wilsyl, headlock, hburgess, akula, gauthierdumonde, lawypop, maykel, aguillem, merry & nasih

It’s a good thing that every moment can be turned into special memories with the LomoChrome Purple film. Shoot portraits, landscapes, double and long exposures and so much more to your heart’s content. The LomoChrome’s natural purple colors will give way to more magical moments with every shot.

Give your photos the best in purple colors with the LomoChrome Purple and fill your albums with this regal and fun color. Grab a cart full of LomoChrome Films in 120 or 35mm film now and you’ll just make it in time for the February 2014 cutoff. Visit our Online Shop now and get your purple film fix with the LomoChrome Purple!

written by cheeo on 2014-01-08 in #lifestyle #lomochrome-purple #cutoff

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  1. brandywine
    brandywine ·

    I ordered a batch back in September 2013 and its still not here. When are you expecting shipments to go out for the lomo purple film?

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