David Eulitt Punches Back Time

Photographer David Eulitt, for his project "Punching Back Time", shot 'senior' athletes who at their seasoned ages, still sparred at the ring. Have a look at the story and the pictures after the jump!

Photo by David Eulitt

It’s not everyday that you get the chance to witness 60-somethings get in the ring and box their hearts out. That’s exactly what photographer David Eulitt had the pleasure of witnessing as he shot “Punching Back Time”, a series of photographs of aging boxers who participated in the 2nd Annual Ringside Masters Championship boxing tournament, a competition for amateur boxers with ages ranging from 35 to 75.

Eulitt explains that while he pretty much shoots digital for the most part, this event necessitated the use of his trusty Hasselblad 500 C/M, as he already saw in his mind’s eye how amazing the photos would be in the square format. He was right on the money on that assertion, as these portraits are nothing short of breathtaking. Head on over to fstoppers for the whole story on assignment, and the details of the boxer’s lives!

Photos by David Eulitt

Information for this article was sourced from fstoppers

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