Steven Spielberg kneeling and holding a strip of film as Roy Scheider looks on

"Lets see if all your parts will make it to the cut," the young Spielberg probably said to Jaws cast Roy Scheider as he examines a strip of film.

Photo via This is Not Porn on Twitter

If he wasn’t lounging by the waters in the jaws of Bruce the Shark, the young Steven Spielberg must have been neck-deep in _Jaws_ film material for editing. In the photo above shot on the set of the famous shark flick, we can imagine that he decided to get started and examine one of the film reels as soon as they were processed!

Kneeling beside him was Roy Scheider, who was casted as Chief Martin Brody in the movie. He is perhaps best remembered for the line that he ad-libbed, You're gonna need a bigger boat, which made it to the American Film Institute's list of best movie quotes.

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