Pop Icon Andy Warhol Creates Art from the Other Side with Time Capsules

Even in death, pop culture legend Andy Warhol never stops creating art. See some of the late artist’s quirky memorabilia from a time long gone after the cut.

It’s not news that Andy Warhol was the master of quirk. The artist had an air of artistic quality that only he could understand during the high time of his career. Warhol was a virtuoso of mash ups – he mixed paint, ideas and images to from works of art. He made that simple Campbell’s soup can more famous than the brand itself. And that banana for Velvet Underground, it’s got nothing but Warhol written all over it.

Images from Phaidon

But Warhol didn’t stop there. In a turn of events, the famed artist left something for more people to discover. He left time capsules that contained different odds and ends during the course of his career. Snippets from old newspapers, candid photographs and even a weird semi-nude photograph of Rob Lowe are some of the things that you can find in Warhol’s time capsules. What a way to look into the life of one of popular art’s most important artists.

The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh is still in the process of unboxing and cataloguing all 612 of Warhol’s time capsules. The late artist took the suggestion of one assistant to create time capsules as an artwork. Warhol created these time capsules from 1974 until the time of his death in 1987.

For a parting shot, we bring you some great images from the great pop artist. You’re welcome.

Images from Phaidon

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from Phaidon.

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