James Dean Plays a Recorder while Burl Ives Looks On with a Pipe in His Mouth and Bagpipes in His Hands

We’re guessing folk singer and actor Burl Ives was probably coaching James Dean on how to play the flute-like instrument in this photo, no?

Photo via CineWeekly

This candid behind-the-scenes photograph was taken at the set of the Elia Kazan-helmed film, “East of Eden” (1955), in which both James and Burl appeared in. In an nutshell, its plot can be compared to the Biblical story of Cain and Abel. “East of Eden” is known as one of the three films topbilled by James, and the only film released before his death. Here, the iconic young actor played the role of Cal Trask while Burl was Sam the Sheriff.

‘East of Eden’ movie trailer via YouTube

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