Alfred Hitchcock pointing towards the camera while talking to his adorable terrier

"Look at the camera and smile!" says Mr. Hitchcock, to which his prized pooch responded with a confused look!

Perhaps not many know or remember that Alfred Hitchcock was also a lover and fancier of Sealyham Terriers, a rare breed developed as a working dog in Wales during the mid to late 18th century. The breed was also favored by royals, Hollywood stars, and authors, and has been deemed even more rare than tigers for their small population today.

Hitchcock reportedly owned at least four Sealyham Terriers: Mr. Jenkins, Sarah, Geoffrey, and Stanley. The last two even walked alongside Hitchcock in his cameo appearance in _The Birds_!

The legendary English film director has instructed and pointed his finger at far bigger and more menacing creatures (if you still remember), so it may not come as a surprise for many to find Hitchock seemingly making one of his pet terriers pose for the camera!

Information and photo for this article were sourced from This Is Not Porn on Twitter, Spellbound by Movies, and Hitchcock Wiki.

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