Dissected Knitted Creatures Teach Anatomy the Fun Way

Whether you're a biology student or medical practitioner who appreciates stuff that merge art and science, or an artsy/crafty person with a taste for quirky pieces, you'll definitely like the knitted creations you'll find after the jump!

In the past, we’ve shared a number of illustrations, diagrams, and mixed media pieces that explore the human anatomy in a delightful merging of art and science: skeletal system illustration by Dan Beckemeyer, anatomical cross-section paper quills by Lisa Nilsson, and human organ sculptures assembled using plants and weeds by Camila Carlow. Joining our roster of favorite anatomical artworks are the knitted creatures made by US-based Etsy crafter Emily Stoneking.

Emily, who says she “loves to explore the places where art and science intersect,” creates knitted creatures made to look like dissected animal experiments. She exposes their internal organs — made using cuddly materials like felted wool and yarn — then pins them on dissecting pans to complete the look! The dissected fluffy frogs and mice will definitely remind you of your childhood biology experiments (and even the time you got squeamish holding the frog), but aside from these pieces that are perfect for learning anatomy the fun way, Emily has also done other interesting fluffy dissections, like an alien, the Easter Bunny, and even a human brain!

All information and photos for this article were sourced from Lost at E Minor and Emily Stoneking on Etsy.

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