Beautiful Color Street Photographs of Paris in the 1950s

When we speak of vintage street photographs of Paris, we typically come across beautiful monochrome snaps of the famous French capital. However, there are also impressive street snaps of the beautiful city from the past decades in glorious color. Take a look at a handful of them taken during the 1950s after the jump!

In the past, we’ve shared with you some impressive black and white street photographs of 1940s to 1950s Paris by famed photojournalism pioneer Robert Doisneau, and also a handful from more recent times by French-born photographer Agnes Samour. While the French capital — whether past or present — certainly looks fascinating in monochrome, it also looks beautiful in full color.

We have plenty of street lomographs that show the beauty of Paris whether in vibrant or muted colors today, but we bet you’d also be charmed by the vintage color snaps of daily street scenes in the city, which were taken by Peter Cornelius and recently shared by Vintage Everyday. Take a look!

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