Hanna Seweryn Takes Mysterious-Looking Photographs for ‘Be a Woman’ Series


Photographer Hanna Seweryn’s work in this series are simple yet striking.

Photo via My Modern Met

Instead of taking photos of her female subject straight out, Seweryn had a placed a backlit screen between her and her subject for Be a Woman. Doing so enables the photographer to capture only the silhouette of her subject and the objects with her. In the photos, the subject, which is always seen from the side, can be seen sitting on a chair and doing different solitary daily activities like fixing her hair in front of the mirror, drinking a cup of tea or perhaps coffee, reading a book, and playing with her cat.

Photos via My Modern Met

The less we see, the more our imagination runs wild and comes up with our own interpretations and even stories, and that is exactly what Be a Woman triggers when you look at the photos that comprise it.

All information in this article were sourced from My Modern Met.

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