The Oscars Get Simpler, Cleaner-Looking Logo

The Academy Awards, more known colloquially as the Oscars, gets a logo revamp just in time for the big night happening in March!

In a statement, The Academy’s Chief Marketing Officer Christina Kounelias revealed that the logo, or their “visual identity” in general, was created with the help of the creative agency 180LA.

For comparison: the new (top) and old (middle) logos of the Oscars. Meanwhile, at the bottom is the new logo for the Academy. Photos via DesignTAXI

The new logo spotlights the Oscar from above – creating a triangular shape and uniting the “A” of the Academy with our iconic statuette. This design gives the Academy a presence in its own logo for the first time and underscores our efforts to support creative arts and sciences year-round.

As you can easily see, the Oscars’ new logo looks much cleaner, less flashy than the one we’re accustomed to, which featured sparkling gold typography and the line that formed the famous Oscars statuette. Kounelias said that the Academy wanted to create something “that accurately reflects our community of artists, their diverse talents, and the creative process they employ to bring disparate ideas together into a single vision.”

All information in this article were sourced from, where you may also read view their design inspirations. Via DesignTAXI.

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