Awesome Vintage Black and White Photos that Capture New Year’s Celebrations


No selfies, pictures of food, booze, and fireworks here!

Now that the New Year celebrations have come and gone, it’s time to send our film rolls that captured the festivities to the lab for processing (and sharing with the community, we hope!) If you’re like me, you probably took photos of food, fireworks display, light paints, and the flurry of activity around you as family members and friends prepare for the celebration, among other usual photographic subjects depending, of course, on how you celebrate on your side of the world!

But have you ever wondered how people from several decades ago in the US welcomed the arrival of the New Year? A series of vintage monochromatic photographs compiled by The Phoblographer gives us an idea, and it’s certainly an interesting sight!

Photos from the Library of Congress as seen on The Phoblographer

All information in this article were sourced from The Phoblographer, where you may also view the rest of the photographs.

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  1. ezakimak
    ezakimak ·

    I love vintage pics. People looked so classy back then!

  2. whoops
    whoops ·

    4th photo -- where is jack nicholson? :D

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