Then and Now: George Chamoun’s Impressive ‘Iconatomy’ Series

Stockholm, Sweden-based artist George Chamoun creatively merges photographs of some of the legendary actors of Old Hollywood with modern icons in his series, "Iconatomy."

Chamoun specializes in 3D and collage work. _Iconatomy_ was specially commissioned by Swiss art gallery sssquare, and was created digitally “simply because I knew my concept before I started working,” he tells sssquare in an interview. Apparently, Chamoun’s usual process of “cutting small pieces and assembling them” didn’t work with Iconatomy, with him having to undergo the challenging task of sourcing his images online.

Despite that, Chamoun found the process of creating Iconatomy enjoyable. In selecting which celebrities to feature, he said that he began by coming up with the ones who had the same features, like Marilyn Monroe and Scarlett Johansson.

‘Scarlett Monroe.’ Photo via sssquare

Of course, Chamoun had to do alterations to some of the photos so that they’d look seamless. Case in point, Angelina Taylor, which featured Elizabeth Taylor and Angelina Jolie. “With Angelina Taylor (Elizabeth Taylor and Angelina Jolie) I had to change many things. Her eyes were looking in two different directions. When I first put the two images together she was really cross-eyed!” he related.

‘Angelina Taylor.’ Photo via sssquare

Furthermore, Chamoun revealed that among his works in Iconatomy, the one that “people were most horrified” of was the one that merged James Dean’s photo with Robert Pattinson’s. “I provoked lots of comments like ‘They are on totally different levels,’ ‘These two cannot be compared,’” Chamoun said, “and I had to explain, ‘It was not my intention to compare these two in terms of their skills when acting!’

‘Robert Dean.’Photo via sssquare

Aside from these, Chamoun also created digital collages featuring Audrey Hepburn and Natalie Portman, and Carey Grant and George Clooney.

‘Natalie Hepburn’ and ‘George Grant.’ Photos via sssquare

All information in this article were sourced from sssquare, where you may also read an interview with George Chamoun.

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