Top Five Vintage New Year Greeting Cards of the Weird Kind

We’re pretty sure you’ve already sent out festive greetings to your friends and loved ones to welcome the New Year, but if you haven’t, here are a few ideas if you want to go that extra mile – that is, if you and your circle are into this sort of thing!

Whether they’re store-bought or handmade, standard greeting cards for the holidays would generally be merry-looking and feature some of the usual images, say, fireworks, filled champagne flutes or wine glasses, and people having grand time. But that’s what we of this day and age are familiar with; several decades ago, the greeting cards sold in the market are, well, quite of the weird kind. Perhaps people back then had a completely different concept of humor?

Photo by Card Cow via Buzzfeed

This card carries a thoughtful message, although we don’t get why it had to feature bottles of alcohol that have limbs and appear to be smooching? A kiss to ring in the New Year, sure, but it seems to us that they (or whoever came up with this idea) have had one too many glasses!

Photo by Card Cow via Buzzfeed

Perhaps it’s to warn people what could happen to them if they have too many drinks that they end up passing out in the streets on the way home? Getting your hair nuzzled by a horse is probably a high possibility in the days of yore!

Photo by Card Cow via Buzzfeed

Like the card above, this one shows us what happens when you go beyond your limits. It’s taking “This headache feels like hell” on quite a literal level!

Photo by Card Cow via Buzzfeed

The arrival of the New Year can be exciting yet a bit worrisome for some – we hope it’s not this stressful, though!

Photo by Card Cow via Buzzfeed

It’s okay to have a glass or two of alcohol to celebrate, but please, keep the children away from it!

This list was based on Buzzfeed’s 17 Strange And Creepy Vintage New Years Cards.

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