Late Photographer's Lost Images of Mt. St. Helens Discovered

Back in 1980, photographer Reid Blackburn was killed while on assignment photographing the volcano Mt. Saint Helens. One of the late photographer's rolls was recently discovered and developed!

Photo by Reid Blackburn, from The Columbian

Photographer Reid Blackburn of The Columbian was on assignment covering the rumbling volcano Mt. Saint Helens when it violently erupted, killing him and 56 others in the process. His camera, shown below, was too damaged to salvage any shots from it. It seemed like we’ve seen the last of photojournalist Reid Blackburn’s images.

Photo from The Columbian

That was until recently when a photo assistant at the Columbian found a roll that Blackburn shot and left at the office a week before the infamous explosion. The roll was developed and you can still see the volcano’s conical summit before it got blasted off. This, along with the news of a 100-year-old box of negatives biscovered by in Antarctica really makes you think about what other analogue treasures remain undiscovered to this very day.

Photo by Reid Blackburn, from The Columbian

Information for this article was sourced from The Columbian

written by cruzron on 2014-01-01 in #lifestyle

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