All You Can Feel: Images of Recreational Drugs Exposed to Film Negatives by Sarah Schoenfeld


Ever been curious as to what the effects of drugs look like? Artist Sarah Schoenfeld recorded the chemical reactions on film negatives for you to see!

Ecstasy by Sarah Schoenfeld

You might be familiar with what some drugs look like. Pills, powder, liquids… there aren’t much variation to these substances’ aesthetics. Artist Sarah Schoenfeld recognized this somewhat lack of diversity and focused on looking for what goes on inside instead. For her project All You Can Feel, she exposed legal and illegal liquid drug mixtures to film negatives and recorded the results.

What follows then are a curious mix of images, drawing parallels from a drug’s perceived effects and the photos in front of you. Quite a nice idea, if I may say so myself. Have a look and enjoy!

Caffeine by Sarah Schoenfeld
LSD by Sarah Schoenfeld
Cocaine by Sarah Schoenfeld
Crystal Meth by Sarah Schoenfeld
Heroin by Sarah Schoenfeld
Ketamine by Sarah Schoenfeld

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