United States Postal Service Pays Homage to Laborers With New Stamps Featuring Photographs From Lewis Hine

Social activist and photographer Lewis Hine's works surface once more but not on an art gallery or photo book but in new stamps released by the United States Postal Service.

Hard work, sweat and honest labor – these are few things that come to mind when I looked at the stamps released by the United States Postal Service or USPS titled “Made in America: Building a Nation.” Every stamp is an ode to the hardworking men and women who helped build America in different industries like steel, textile and automotive.

USPS released the series to portray the diligent work poured into helping create the America we know today. Derry Noyes, the Art Director for USPS said that 10 of the released stamps were from the vast works of Lewis Hine. Noyes added that “His [Hine’s] are powerful and beautiful portraits” as he talked about the stamps.

Indeed, Lewis Hine had vision and an approach to portrait photography that captured motion and story in one frame. Some of his most compelling images were from the construction of the Empire State Building which have been shot in the midst of the workers’ hustle and bustle. Hine took pictures of the “Sky Boys” as they worked on the ambitious skyscraper day in and day out.

Industrial Photographer Margaret Bourke-White was also included in the series as well as an unknown photographer for “The Coal Miner” photograph.

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from Shutterbug and Film's Not Dead.

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