Street Photography for the Holidays Using my LC-Wide


In this article, I'll show you how to use a super wide angle camera, the awesome Lomo LC-Wide to take some street photography this Holiday season. I also have some useful tips for you, guys. Usually, street photographers use moderate wide angle or normal lenses, from 35 to 50mm. But the use of extreme focal length lenses allow you to make some interesting experiments. Read more after the jump!

These photos were taken few days ago in Milan, using my Lomo LC-Wide. This year, there’s a different Christmas atmosphere, I think it has something to do with the economic crisis. You can see few Christmas decorations, many people seem to be always in a hurry instead of being cheerful and having smiles on their faces.

Credits: sirio174

So for my first photos, I took an image of a Christmas tree that appears distant. The Cathedral, the symbol of the religious significance of Christmas celebrations, appear even more smaller and farther. In the lower part of the photo, you can see the dirty pavement of the square next to me. This effect is possible using a super wide angle lens, like the Minigon 17mm of my LC-Wide that I got from the Online Shop.

Credits: sirio174

Always using an extreme wide-angle and slightly tilting the camera upwards, you can get interesting dynamic perspective effects. This photo where a small tree (less than one meter high) seems to spiral in the midst of the city’s skyscrapers shows just that.

Credits: sirio174

In a Christmas reportage, don’t forget to photograph the shop windows: and above all, shoot with passion. Shoot “with the heart!”

Credits: sirio174

The packages are a symbol of Christmas: from these tiny trinkets that you can find in the cabinet of a famous jewelry shop, up to the big packs that you can see under the big Christmas tree in Piazza Duomo!

Credits: sirio174

In these days, many people are walking around with packages as they are do their shopping. In this case I chose that as a central subject – following the ways of commercial street photography.

Credits: sirio174

There was vintage car on display in this shop for the Holiday season. Despite the low light, the short focal distance of my Minigon lens allowed me to shoot handheld (keep in mind that with a 17mm you can shoot at 1/15s withot a tripod!)

Credits: sirio174

Remember that with a focal length of x millimeters you can shoot with 1/X seconds without a tripod or a monopod! And if you use a monopod, you can gain at least one stop!

Credits: sirio174

Do not forget to document the places set up with games dedicated to the children!

Credits: sirio174

Often during this period, you can find some protest demonstrations such as this one from a street vendor! Do not forget to document this aspect of the street life!

Credits: sirio174

At the same time, there will surely be some street artists! Take advantage of that!

Credits: sirio174

Don’t forget to photograph the colorful market stalls!

Credits: sirio174

Lift up your eyes and take a look at the hanging decorations: this year the streets are prettied up by banners and flags announcing the forthcoming Expo 2015!

Credits: sirio174

Under this magnificent glass dome, the hanging decoration seems very small, like a red dot in the center! Take the opportunity for architectural shots also!

Credits: sirio174

So what are you waiting for? Go outside this Holiday season with your awesome Lomo LC-Wide and show us the Christmas wonders of your city! Lomo On!

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  1. nickpage
    nickpage ·

    Great article and photos. You forget just how sharp the results can be.

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