Monday Moodboard: Hungover from the Christmas Party


Hangovers are hella bad. But in this case, I’m willing to make an exception.

Our 80s-inspired elevator is a good place for selfies.

No, no, I’m not just talking about hangovers from too much drinking. It’s the good company that I talked about in this entry. It’s been a good 3 months for my stay here in Lomography and everything’s been good. I really can’t complain. I was hung over the good times and great beer (yep, nectar of the gods!)

We just had our early Christmas party and as expected, it was not one ounce short of fun. We had dinner together and afterwards we had karaoke night. Pretty much everyone who held the mic that night killed it with their favorite songs. It’s a good thing no one has uploaded funny pictures (yet!) Although I’m also looking forward to seeing some of the other guys’ shots. It was a flash-flooded night of haphazard shooting.

My index finger just made its Lomography debut.

What else can I say? Just have a merry Christmas and be sure to capture those memories with your favorite analogue camera.

written by cheeo on 2013-12-23 in #news #party #manila #monday-moodboard-series #christmas #lomography-office

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  1. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    Don't drink things alcoholic in quantity to leave hangovers, especially not in quantity to be waking up with hangover and with someone you don't know. Moderation in all things. Mother has spoken.

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