Falling Head Over Heels For Pinhole Photography

We have seen products of creativity and passion for all things analogue in the community and it’s our honor to bring you some more. Feast your eyes on Barend Mossing Holsteijn’s homemade pinhole beauties.

Pinhole photographs are a sight for sore eyes in this digital blur of a world we live in. I don’t know about you but for me, it’s always good to sit still and enjoy the things around me without having to worry about hurrying up to go to someplace else. And that’s exactly the feeling I get when I look at Barend Mossing Holsteijn’s pinhole photographs.

Self-portrait by Barend Mossing Holsteijn

Everything is just relaxed and composed and the fact that he shot all of his photographs using homemade pinhole cameras makes it all the more exciting. Barend or Ben if you prefer, says that his love affair for pinhole photography is ever evolving since every camera that he builds shoots different images. He adds that every experience with his lens less photographic boxes help him think of new ways to experiment with images.

Photos by Barend Mossing Holsteijn

Highlighted in this piece are two of his homemade pinhole cameras: his first working pinhole camera and a 35mm pinhole camera made from an old Albert Heijn can. The Holland native and pinhole enthusiast has more up his sleeves and is even planning a global pinhole project. For now, here’s a taste of what he has already cooked up with his homemade pinhole cameras and passion for analogue photography:

Photos by Barend Mossing Holsteijn

You can also head over to his site to see his other pinhole cameras and photos.

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from Barend Mossing Holsteijn’s site.

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