Kodachrome Slides from the 1950's

Still yearning the loss of Kodachrome? Let's not think of it as a loss but instead a privilege of being able to work with the best!

Photo from Photo Archaeology

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how amazing Kodachrome was. A variety of factors come into play: only a couple of pros use it, developing is a hassle, and rolls are scarce to name a few. You immediately equate the good shots because professionals took it and move on. The new tumblr account Photo Archaeology however, shows just how versatile Kodachrome was. Collecting a mix of Kodachrome slides from the 50’s, Photo Archaeology shows the incredible dynamic range and sheer beauty of the late film.

Have a look at some more of the photos uploaded, and let’s all take a moment of silence in appreciating and recognizing one of the analogue photographic pillars of our time.

Photos from Photo Archaeology

written by cruzron on 2013-12-20 in #lifestyle #vintage #kodachrome #1950s #history

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