Brothers Have Posed for a Photo with Santa Every Year Since 1984


Just because you grow up doesn't mean you have to stop a holiday tradition, as proven by the Gray brothers!

Photo by Mike Gray

For some, the magic of the holidays slowly disappear as you grow older. One of the pivotal moments related to this is the revelation of the truth behind Santa. Most kids don’t take it too well, but eventually they wean themselves off of jolly Saint Nick.

Not the Gray brothers though! Each year, the brothers take a picture with Santa. What started as a family tradition back in 1984 still continues up to this very day. You can see from the photos how they age, from being kids, to adolescents, to both being fathers in in this year’s photo. They promise to continue this tradition, no matter how embarrassed their kids are going to be.

Here’s some of the others shots they had through the years:

Photos by Mike Gray

Information for this article was sourced from Laughing Squid

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