Vintage Camera Ads: Kodak's Christmas Advertisements from the 1900s


As we push towards the final countdown for Christmas, we're sure everyone has been getting loads of those Yuletide-themed commercials and advertisements with each flip of a magazine page or a switch of TV channel. Today, however, we're flooding you with the kind of Christmas ads that you'll certainly like. Read on and take a look!

It’s been a while since we last showcased some of the most beautiful and interesting vintage camera advertisements, and even so long since we last shared a selection for Christmas. So, in time for the festive season, we bring you a handful of the kind of ads you like looking at, this time made by the iconic Kodak for Christmas during the 1900s!

Christmas or otherwise, Kodak has been known to make their ads eye-catching and compelling. To fit their Holiday Season campaigns, Kodak made use of fitting taglines like “The most sensible Xmas or New Year Gift,” “Brownie Cameras Help to Make the Christmas Merry,” and “Take a Kodak home for Christmas” as you will find below:

Images via Vintage Everyday

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