Impressive Hyperrealistic Paintings of Pastries that Look Good Enough to Eat

What are the chances of you guys having a sudden craving for sumptuous dessert by the time you finish reading this article?

Photo via Albermarle Gallery

They might look like photographs at first glance but these glossy, yummy-looking images of contemporary Italian pattiserie are, in fact, oil paintings! These are by artist Luigi Benedicenti, whose work is “deeply rooted in the still-life tradition that sprouted in Europe in the late 16th century.” He actually has developed a “completely new style” that critic Claudio Malberti calls “Realismo Estremo (Extreme Realism).”

Photos via Albermarle Gallery

A description on Abermarle Gallery explains about these paintings, “The strong artificial lights utilized during the early stages of his (Benedicenti) paintings allow him to get the essence of the subject depicted and convey the same sensorial feelings that the object would produce in real life.” It also described the artist’s style as “clear, immediate, shiny of multicoloured reflections – the result of years of intense study and tireless practice.”

All information in this article were sourced from Albermarle Gallery, where you can also see more of Luigi Benedicenti’s works and other pertinent information.

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