Denim-clad Truman Capote cheek to cheek and hugging Andy Warhol dressed as Santa Claus

These two icons from the 1960s surely were in a festive mood in this snapshot, don't you think?

We’ve already seen American author Truman Capote's variation of Santa Claus as well as Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dali's version of Father Christmas. Now, it’s iconic pop artist Andy Warhol’s turn to show us his take on the legendary Christmas figure!

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The photo above was taken in 1979 by Mick Rock, one of the prominent photographer of the so-called rock n’ roll era in the 1970s. Truman Capote, dressed in blue denim that contrasts against Warhol’s Santa suit and the green background, pulls the pop artist close for a cheek to cheek embrace. We bet Warhol gave him the big lolly he was holding in exchange for the warm hug!

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