Trespassing Project by Ole Brodersen


Large format and light painting are two things that are rarely found together. That is until Ole Brodersen's Trespassing project. Check it out!

Photo by Ole Brodersen

When one mentions shooting large format, light painting is one photographic technique that doesn’t come to mind. As far as photography goes, they’re practically at the polar opposites of the spectrum. That is why Norwegian photographer Ole Brodersen’s project “Trespassing” is so interesting. It’s something that hasn’t (or not often) been done before with the medium. It’s something fresh and full of energy. In this excerpt, he explains his project a bit.

The series “Trespassing” explores encounters between human and nature. Human-made objects are placed into a landscape, where their interactions with the natural elements are recorded… Nature is not passive in these photographs. It declares it‘s presence by tracing out forces that run through the landscape.

View the whole set on Ole Brodersen's website.

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