Gasoline: A Peek Into 5 Decades of Petrol Craze in the U.S.


Photographers come and go and sometimes, their prints get left behind. It’s a good thing that there are still people looking to compile those prints and weave a narrative for it.

“Gasoline” is book compilation of 35 archive film photographs of the different faces of gas stations in the U.S. Selected and compiled by London-based writer David Campany, “Gasoline” gives us a glimpse into the petrol-fueled life and times at the U.S. between 1944 and 1995.

The book features archive black and white photos purchased from different newspapers from the U.S. The newspapers that owned the rights to these prints are now selling off their archives. David Campany says that maybe the photo prints are becoming a burden now since press photos now come in digital form. Some of the prints included in the book still have the marking of old-school art editors and layout teams. Usually in grease pen, the markings were made to illustrate the different uses of the photos for the newspaper.

Images via Daily Mail

There are also a number of scrawling at the back of the prints that tell a different side to the otherwise banal-looking gasoline stations. One of the more notable notes on the back of the photos read “The car will adapt, not die.” Gasoline by David Campany is published by Mack Books.

All information used in this article were sourced from David Campany, Daily Mail and Mack Books.

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