Friday Movie Flashback: ‘Ginger & Rosa’

We’re stepping back in the not-so-distant past in this week’s installment and cast the spotlight on Sally Potter’s “Ginger & Rosa.”

“Ginger & Rosa” is a 2012 coming-of-age drama film that stars Elle Fanning and Alice Englert as best friends Ginger and Rosa, respectively, and is set in London around the time when the threat of the Cuban missile crisis looms. Stripped of all the subplots, this film basically follows the relationship between the two girls who are practically joined at the hip since they were very young and how growing up, having different views, and other certain factors contributed to the huge, emotional fallout between them.

Powerful and poignant are probably the words that best describe Potter’s film. It’s not just about two 17-year olds who encountered a bump in the road and, as viewers, we’d only scoff and think that there are far worse things that they could experience several years down the road. It’s interesting how Fanning’s Ginger and Englert’s Rosa managed to draw out these emotions from their viewers with their performances – sympathy for the former because, in addition to her concerns about the breakup of her parents and the threat of the missile crisis, her best friend decides to follow her heart and form an illicit relationship with her father. And that would most likely leave you in disbelief because… just what kind of person does that to her own best friend, right?

But the thing is, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

I’m afraid these words aren’t actually doing “Ginger & Rosa” any justice and might only make it appear as if it has no substance. It does, and with that I’ll be leaving you with its trailer:

Video via YouTube

“Ginger & Rosa” also stars Christina Hendricks as Ginger’s mother Natalie, Alessandro Nivola as Roland, Jodhi May as Rosa’s mother Anoushka, as Annette Bening as May Bella and Timothy Spall and Oliver Platt as a couple both named Mark who are friends with Ginger’s parents and who Ginger often goes to to discuss her concerns with.

All movie stills in this article were sourced from the official website of ‘Ginger and Rosa.’

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